Band Rules

It has come to our attention that not everyone is familiar with certain rules of etiquette that should be followed when attending one of our events. This is understandable, since not everyone has been in a band, nor have they attended a “Fan Finishing School.” So, we have taken it upon ourselves to acquaint you with some basic guidelines while attending a captain jack show as well as for shows of our brethren in the industry. Here are a few of those rules…

Rule #14) At no point in time during the show should it be appropriate to request the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “FREE BIRD!”

Rule #35) When buying shots for the band the number of shots purchased for the band should EQUAL the number of members in the band. At NO point should a shot be purchased for one band member.

Rule #36) For your party or event, placing the band, the food, and the bar in different places will not make for a successful event. Don’t do it.

Rule #42) At some point during the night one female attendee must pretend that we’re an 80’s hair band and flash accordingly.

Rule #47) Blackberry Brandy should be on hand as well as Captain Morgan’s and Jack Daniels and their respective mixers — Pepsi is unacceptable.

Rule #47a) Irish Car Bombs (no offense) are also greatly appreciated shots…if you can call that a shot.

Rule #52) Any attendee who has been drinking should NEVER drive. AND, female attendees who have had excessive amounts of alcohol should take advantage of the captain jack “ride for a ride program.”

Rule #74) Using the band’s equipment as a coaster for your drink is not a good idea. Less expensive coasters that aren’t hooked up to electricity are available at the bar.

Rule #75) At catered events the band appreciates someone putting together a plate for us during our break.

Rule #76) Serve Caprese Salad.

Rule #92) Although clapping is not required after every song, an occasional clap is welcomed.

Rule #94) “Me & Bobby McGee” should never be played out of respect for the late, great Janis Joplin. Besides….we hate that f@#$ing song.

Rule #97) We understand that at certain events perhaps you’d like to make an announcement or toast, etc. We welcome you to do so with proper warning (especially when you’re paying us), but please observe the “no hands” rule with the microphone. The microphone stand is sober and does a fine job elevating the microphone to a comfortable speaking height.

Rule #105) Talking to the band in the middle of songs is not usually recommended as we can’t hear you. We’re nodding to be polite.

Rule #106) Sometimes the band may be in between where you are (Point “A”) and where you’re going (Point “B”), such as the bathroom, bar, etc… We try our best to make obvious which path from “A” to “B” we’d like you to not take — such as placing equipment and wires in your way. Please take the path of least resistance…which is not across the stage.

Rule #237) We respect the fact that you’re a fellow musician, but please don’t ask us to sing a song because we have yet to figure out how to tell you “no” without being mean about it. (THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO HOT CHICKS – and sometimes party patrons. If you’re the one paying us we tend to be more flexible on the rules).